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biography the allan iverson

Allan Iverson born of an adolescent mother in a very poor district. He lived in an atmosphere of great poverty and violence that him cost the life to its better friend. Step time in jail. Nevertheless, Iverson could surpass all this to be a good student and better athlete in the high school. He Studyed and graduated of the prestigious Georgetown while it sharpened his abilities with the Holes, equipment of the university. From there, was shot for the NBA like first selection in the 1996. Its presence, within the field, has been looked like the history of Cinderella. Now, he is father of three children. And to collaborated making schools of studies in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic for all poor child.

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

this is my blog!!

welcome to my blog

Hello.. I´M kenneth munoz

introduction:in this unit I talk on my person,my birthday and my favorite celebration

Hi my name is Kenneth munoz. My birthday is on december 31th. I was born on december 31th 1988.
Hello.. I´M kenneth munoz

My favorite month of the year is december because is christmas

My favorite day on the week is saturday because,I Love to sleep until late.

"My friend nelson olivares”

Introduction: in this unit I talk about my friend nelson, his birthday and his favorite celebrations

My friend´s name is nelson olivares, his favorite month of the year is june because is his birthday month. His favorite day of the week is friday. he like this day because is the star of the wekeend.

His birthday is on june 10th, he was born on 1989, his favorite celebrations is chinita´s day because he like very much.And is on november 18th.


introduction: in this unit I talk about my talent, my favorite team and my favorite player

Hello everyone I talk about my talent.

My talent is play basketball, I like this sport very very much because is very fun.

My favorite team is denver nuggets and my favorite player is allan iverson!!!


introduction: in this unit I talk about my favorite celebration of the year

My favorite celebrations is christmas this celebrations is on december.I like this celebrations because I smart with my family and I like very very much the food of christmas.


introduction: in this unit I talk about food, I like and I don`t like

-I love eating pizza, hamburger and chicken

-I like to very much chocolate, meat and tequeños

-I nead eat more vegetables and some fruit